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Subject: Re: FLASH: NetAnimator
From: David Mendels
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 23:56:08 +0100

Hi Wayne,

>Here's another contender. NetAnimator.
>It produces java-based webpage animations.
>Oh, Mac guys, forget it, NA's editor is a Wdows only tool for now. How do
>you like them apples? :)
>On the plus side: this could be a card up your sleeve when you have a
>client who's skiddish about P-I's.

Doesn't the Flash penetration statistics on our web site eleminate this
issue yet for you? If you look at the stats, based on independent
research, far more people can view Flash 3 than Java content. And, for
those who really care about Java, they can save as Flash 2 and use the
Flash Java player. What else would you like to see Macromedia do to
educate folks about this to eliminate this as an issue when you are
choosing your tools and technologies?


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