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Subject: Re: HIGH Quality PNG files
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 19:36:29 +0100

DGL wrote:
> I understand the best format to use for pics is PNG. However, does anybody
> have any tips on "how" (options such as the Interlace and/or Filter) to
> save these for the highest visual quality? Mine seem to be coming out
> rather grainy and blurry (may sound odd, but its true). In this particular
> case, I'm not too concerned about file size. I typically use Photoshop for
> my pics and to convert to PNG if that helps.
> Thanks.
> -DGL
I have the same problem. In Flash 3 Beta I was ignorant to the bitmap import
issues and brought all of the bit maps into Flash as a jpeg from photoshop
saved at the highest quality setting. Then I went into the bitmap properties
from the library window and adjusted them using the jpeg/test routine to get
high quality and small images.

Now, in Flash 3 Demo I have tried to improve matters by importing all bitmaps as
PNG files from photoshop and again adjusting in the bitmap properties dialog box.

The resultant images are horrible! Lots of banding and artifacting, even at Jpeg
100%! The setting in the export movie dialog is set to 100% also. What gives?!

I have gone back to Flash 3 Beta and importing jpegs. Sounds silly but does anyone
have any ideas or solutions? I'm worried because project is not done and Beta is
about to die! Hellp!



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  HIGH Quality PNG files, DGL

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