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Subject: RE: Suggestions/Critique Welcome (Block Trading)
From: Jennifer Perrier
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 22:34:32 +0100

Hi everyone,
Thanks also to Carrie D. and Ron for comments/compliments/suggestions. All
comments so far have been quite useful to me and I will try to incorporate
most of them. Thanks for the gentle tone :-)

Ron, I think Marcantonio was talking about actually making a bitmap round,
whereas I, the novice figured that if I just made a hole that was round, the
bitmap would look round :-) All I did was create a square, fill it with a
gradient, then cut a circle out of it. The bitmaps then appear under it.
To be honest I didn't think it was that special, but I'm glad people think
it's cool. The CEO will see the whole presentation next week, so I'll let
you know how it goes.

The reasoning behind using the Comic Sans ugly red font with the pretty
bright green font was to get a little zany with the text - I agree though -
it is hard to read. The President here thinks all sites should look like
Wired, so I was trying to lean a little that way. Unfortunately it didn't
work so well! I like Ron's idea of introducing the text items on that
section one at a time and will try to do that in the next version.

As for the timeline problem (the scene that starts with 1971 and goes to
1980 then 1987), Bryan, I have never brought that up in the list before.
Just to remind everyone, in the Flash Editor, I have a timeline such that as
the scene plays, the numbers 1971, then 1980, then 1987 appear below the
line, with vertical lines above the timeline that point to text. In the
Flash editor, the dates appear below their respective vertical lines when
the scene is played. In the exported movie, the 1987 moves over 2 inches or
so to the left, covering the 1980, for what reason I cannot fathom!

I tried copying all the frames from that scene and putting them in a new
movie by themselves. When I exported that it worked fine. But no matter
how many times I cut and paste things in that scene in the full movie, the
1987 always moves in the exported movie but not in the preview in the Flash
editor. I even copied the frames that I had copied to a new movie and
pasted them back into the old one, to see if overwriting the frames would
fix that, but as soon as those frames are in my big movie, it doesn't work.
They are in their own scene, so I can't imagine what is going on. If
someone could give me some better ideas on how to test this to determine the
problem, I would really appreciate it. At the moment I would prefer not to
publish my .fla file, but if it comes to that, I may do it.

Ron, that is NOT me playing the piano. Wish I could say it was! I used to
be able to play that way, but no longer. I got it from the Xoom Web Clip
Empire set of CDs that I had mentioned before - www.xoom.com.

Thanks again for all your help lately! This list rocks!

Jennifer Perrier
Webmistress, Block Trading Inc.
jperrieratblocktrading [dot] com

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