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Subject: FLASH: site check (yet another)
From: Edward Cossette
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 23:13:21 +0100

Thanks in advance for taking the time to check out/critique the first Flash
URL I'm sending out to the list (gulp!)

Before you do, though, here are a couple of caveats to keep in mind when
looking it over:

1. What I've done is a really simple use of Flash. No really hardcore
blow-your-doors-off graphics/animation like the kind I've seen from others
on this list. Not only do I not have the skills to do the really advanced
stuff, even if I did, this is meant to be a very simple thing.

2. It's a poem that I've tried to bring to life in Flash, so the target
audience is one far more rooted in "text-based traditions" rather than the
icon/image world inhabited by many of you. (That is not to say that it was
a "dead" poem on the printed page . . . ) And don't be turned off by the
word "poem." It's only 2 minutes long and hopefully won't bore anyone to

Well, that's enough of me hesitating to get this URL out:



Edward Cossette

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