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Subject: Re: FLASH: site check (yet another)
From: Nigel Randsley-Pena
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 23:57:36 +0100


Nothing like some poetry to finish off the day, thanks.

As for your work :
- The rhythm you impose on the reader. I'm one of those strange guys
that likes to savour every morsel and hate being spoon fed, so I enjoyed
your poem only when I was able to get to the text version.
- Black background white text, black and white photo, then a coloured
photo. This is not the perception I get from the poem. Midnight blue,
heat, pression/oppression I would have gone along these lines.
- The fact that you created it and enjoyed doing so
- The fact that you kept it simple
- The choice of sounds


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  FLASH: site check (yet another), Edward Cossette

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