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Subject: Re: FLASH: On Generator **Hey MM**
From: David Gary Studios
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 23:13:36 +0100

>They know how to send it to flash. the question is whether or not flash4
>knows how to accept it. From your quote and the stuff I saw, I think it
>does. Can someone from macromedia (or somebody from the beta list, if it
>is ok to talk about it yet) answer clarify or at least point out some
>documentation that explains the potential.

Hiya Flashers,

Can someone sell me on Flash4? MM hasnt. They do not give enough information
on what the new upgrade can really do for the client. I might have missed a
link, but Ive visited their
new Flash4 "features" link acompanied by their "award winning flash" and
simply didnt
get anything out of it to justify the "start at Zero" compromise. You
wouldnt hear a peep out of me(no really)
if we didnt have to start over with a new player.

Maybe MM could have done a better job in marketing Flash4. So far ive
witnessed confusion
on this seasoned developer list.

Can someone plant down some "real" purposeful advantages or examples for A:
Form fills for use IN flash4.
B: Draggable objects or C: good mp3 application examples that might be used
with Flash4?

Flash4 provides awesome new features for the designer. however what can
these new functions offer our clients?

Can we please discuss something more important than some DJ/designer
wannabe's egotistical rants.


-David Gary-
Interactive Media Producer/Designer
Dreamwave Productions, Inc
<dgarystudiosatmpinet [dot] net (mailto:dgarystudiosatmpinet [dot] net)>

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