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Subject: FLASH: Re: flasher-digest V1 #1506
From: Joseph Fun Gray
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 17:27:55 +0100

>From: owneratshocker [dot] com (flasher-digest)
>To: flasher-digestatchinwag [dot] com
>Subject: flasher-digest V1 #1506
>Date: Thu, Sep 2, 1999, 1:38 AM

> Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 21:07:30 -0700
> From: "Marc Hoffman (Dart Frog Media)" <mailatdartfrogmedia [dot] com>
> Subject: Re: FLASH: Loader Movies with streaming audio
> At 09:17 AM 9/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Is it possible to create a loader movie that loads all assets other than
>>audio? I'm curious to know if, by creating a loader movie, you're loading
>>every aspect of the movie, or just the symbols within the frames.
>>I'm using the "If Frame Is Loaded" action.
> Not sure what you mean by a loader movie. Do you mean a preload sequence
> within a movie? A movie clip? Please clarify.
> When Flash exports to .swf, it includes only those symbols that are
> actually used. When the movie downloads over the web to a user's machine,
> it downloads as fast as the internet connection will allow, and plays back
> at the rate set by the movie (or a slower rate if the computer isn't fast
> enough). It stops if it plays to a point that hasn't downloaded yet. Given
> enough preload time, it will download the entire movie contents to cache.
> This may answer your question.

This kind of answers my question. I do mean a preload sequence, actually. I
think what I'm looking for, now that you've explained the aspects of a
preload sequence is:

If I put all the symbols, other than the audio, in its own scene and
specified a preload sequence for that scene, would the symbols be preloaded
for the next scene containing the animation?

Hopefully, that makes sense, I've never had a way with words. =)

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