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Subject: RE: FLASH: WOW - creative
From: Merrill, Bob
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:13:35 +0100

> There where no replies to the question about the suggested pricing for
> Flash and website design, nobody want to give out their pricing? I
> myself am not sure if my pricing is correct, so I would also like to
> know this.
> Noel
Hi Noel,
I do some freelance webdesign in my *spare* time. $150 gets you a
main page and links to 2 other pages. Additional pages are $25 apiece. These
are all just basic pages no custom artwork or photos unless the client
supplies them. Photography, artwork, scanning, QT, Java Scripting, and Flash
design are done at $60 an hour. Domain names etc. are extra also. I also
charge a small monthly fee to monitor their site. If they sign up for this
service I'll do content only changes as required. I do this from a home
office after work so my overhead is low. I don't know how the prices compare
but I have more than enough freelance work right now. Maybe I should raise
my prices ;-) Hope that helps.

TV/ Multimedia Production
The University of Texas
Health Science Center at San Antonio
//bobatoerx [dot] uthscsa [dot] edu (mailto://bobatoerx [dot] uthscsa [dot] edu)

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  RE: FLASH: WOW - creative, Noel Nolst Trenite

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