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Subject: Re: FLASH: WOW - creative
From: Noel Nolst Trenite
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 07:52:32 +0100

> Would you tell us what you did the grahics in?? AL Lyman

I suppose you mean the Website http://home.mpinet.net/dgarystudios/

I didn't make this website, but I assume that this was made by a long
year professional graphic designer. In that case, it doesn't matter very
much with what pgms it was made, as a graphic designer would just
know how to make it in any way, or at least after he learned to use
Flash, just like I can make a good looking webpage in a text editor or
Dreamweaver, I suppose.

Thanks for all the answers about the Copyright of music. In what
position does a person put himself then, who samples these music
pieces and puts them on the webpage? The webpage I got it from had
in total 250 loops of music by some more, some less known music
groups. I think the Site was even linked to by Macromedia, though I
am not sure.

I will e-mail the makers of the two above webpages, and ask them
about this.


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