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Subject: Re: FLASH: Java, VBScript or JavaScript? which is faster?
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 23:59:54 +0100

At 2:45 PM 9/27/0, Colleen Appleton wrote:
>I need to find out which language has a faster load time.

Does "load" mean "download"? If so, then ASCII is usually larger than bytecode.

There may be other issues too though, because HTML usually needs to fully
download before the page displays. SWF streams can often start playback and
execution quicker.

Java often has a lengthy startup... could be fast if someone already used
Java that session, could take a moment if they haven't.

If you're instead measuring execution speed, then it wouldn't be JavaScript
vs VBScript vs ActionScript, but rather JavaScript Interpreter A against
JSI B vs various VBScript interpreters and so on... the various browsers
have various script interpreters, and they can differ radically on even the
same stream of text-based instructions.

I'd go with Damien, and urge zooming down to the thing that actually needs

For "Which page can download over a modem and start interactions quicker?"
then a plain HTML page is usually the quickest (no scripts, no images, no
lengthy tables, etc)... if a SWF is embedded within that page that it can
start playing very quickly after that, depending on the authoring
techniques used... if you have more than a few images in an HTML page then
they'll load in sequence and browsers differ in when they may start... a
very complex piece of JavaScript or VBScript, beyond having browser
dependencies, can often exceed the size of a SWF. A lot depends on the
given task, sorry.


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