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Subject: UKNM: Moving on to Frames, or preferably away from it
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 12:24:36 +0100

..and avoiding further confusion with the other "F" word, I have to say
that one of my happiest moments since I took my children to Disney/Paris
at Easter came about when a client told me that they were dropping
frames altogether and developing an entirely noframes site. I was so
overjoyed at the news that I forgot to ask the reason, but I believe
they were unhappy with the look and feel.

The reason I was so happy with the news is that, like most of my clients
at the moment, they make heavy use of frames which means that trying to
get any kind of presence on the search engines is a major nightmare.
Lots of time spent trying to work around the fact that Frames hides the
text away from the search engine robots.

Of course you can do some very useful things with Frames, but in most
cases Frames is used without thinking. In the school of bog-standard Web
design, the first lesson is "Use Frames without question" and has been
for the last three years.

Fact is that most of what you see done in Frames could be done pretty
much as well without, to the great benefit of download time and robot
indexing. Often what you see done in Frames is done badly anyway.

99% of all sites that use Frames seem to use it to keep the navigation
buttons in the same place on the left hand side when you scroll down.
Does it matter that much if you lose them when you scroll? Couldn't you
shorten that text and get the whole page in without scrolling? The
number of sites that have more than one scroll bar running because the
designer has not allowed for different window sizes is plain silly.

I don't claim to any knowledge or professional qualifications in web
design. But I could still do a better job than many of the crappy Frames
sites you see masquerading as state-of-the-art these days.

So it's hip to slag off frames, is it? I wouldn't know about that. The
latest fashions in technonerdery, or latest fashions in anything else
for that matter, are not my strong point.

But if Frames _is_ going out of vogue, all I can say is - 'BOUT TIME

Frames, like all good technological innovations, should be used
sparingly, sensitively, and with all due recognition to the

Ray Taylor tayloratnmcadplan [dot] com
NMC/Adplan - Online Media Planning and Buying
+44 181 639 0015

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