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Subject: UKNM: Frames, schmames
From: Robert Hamilton (brandwidth)
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 12:24:33 +0100

Hi all,

Andy wrote:

> If you're going to create good customer-focused web sites, then frames are a
> huge advantage to navigation if the custome...

NO! Good, well-thought through frames can be an advantage, but too many sites
get to a certain stage, have someone says "I'm not sure about the navigation"
and the agency pipes up, "It's OK, we'll use frames" and then proceeds to
'nail' frames onto the site in a retro-fitting disaster.

These are the kind of jobs which should have invoices that read "Building
website and making good, �75.00+parts"

I'm neither for or against frames, but I am against stuff that isn't thought
through, and like it or not, frames are not some kind of navigational

What do tend to work very well are sites which behave like they've got
frames but actually haven't, but again, only when they're properly done.

I feel I've made a facile observation but since I am called upon to make it
so frequently perhaps it's not as facile as it ought to be.

Aside: this is UKNM, not UK web design, so I'd vote for this thread to die
quite soon - it seems close to the edge of the UKNM world, but then, as
Harry Hill would say, I don't make the rules.


Robert Hamilton: robertatbrandwidth [dot] co [dot] uk
Creative Consultant, brandwidth
0171 697 0049 / 0973 989 208

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