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Subject: UKNM: Fwd: Anti-Censorship Web Site Censored
From: Tomski
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 17:45:39 +0100

anyone else get this?

kinda scary - time for many of us seek advice from m'learned friends, i fear

>Monday 10th April 2000 13:00 PRESS RELEASE
>AUTHOR: Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain
>For immediate release.
> Civil liberties web site the "Campaign Against
> Censorship of the Internet in Britain"
> (CACIB) was itself censored by its Internet Service
> Provider today. The site was deleted from the ISP's
> web servers in response to a complaint from
> Laurence Godfrey, serial litigant, about reporting of
> censorship in the UK.
> Laurence Godfrey had settled an unrelated
> defamation action against Demon Internet last
> week. Commentators consider that law suit to have
> shown that ISPs are legally liable for their
> customers'actions.
> "We greatly regret having to take this action but our
> solicitors advise that the costs of defending a
> potential libel action would be prohibitive, even
> though a defence is most likely to be successful in
> this case. We are only a small company and cannot
> afford the risk." said Lee Maguire, spokesman for
> the Internet Service Provider Instant Web Ltd.
> The censored civil liberties campaign was outraged.
> "This shows that ISPs desparately need legal
> immunity from the actions of their customers. We
> stand behind our comments, but the ISP is naturally
> neither willing nor able to get involved. The result is
> that we are presumed guilty, and censored, because
> our ISP does not want to pay the legal fees to
> defend us. This shows that ISPs desparately need
> legal immunity from the actions of their customers."
> said Malcolm Hutty, director of CACIB.
> "We weren't even criticising Mr Godfrey
> personnally: we were simply commenting on the
> adverse consequences of the outcome of Godfrey
> vs Demon Internet."
> CACIB had run a story about yet another site that
> had been closed down, where the ISP had cited
> "the current legal environment" as a reason for not
> being able to resist the complaint. CACIB had
> described this outcome as being "Godfrey's first
> victim" - a reference to the outcome of the libel suit
> Godfrey launched against Demon Internet;
> Laurence Godfrey coinsiders connecting the two
> cases to be defamatory.
> Perhaps the biggest irony is that Mr Hutty, as well
> as being a director of CACIB, is also a founder and
> employee of Instant Web. "On a personal level it
> breaks my heart that the company I started is
> forced into censorship." he said. "I don't blame my
> colleagues, they're terrified. But I got into the
> Internet because I believed in the promise of
> freedom for all; I never imagined it would be the
> most easily censored medium there is."
> The CACIB web site is now hosted in the USA.
>Notes to Editors:
>[1] For further information contact:
>Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain
>Malcolm Hutty
>020 7225 5418 (work)
>07970 736 976 (mobile)
>Silash Ruparell
>0207 589 4500
>[2] The CACIB web site is located at
>This is now based on computer servers phyically located in the USA.
>[3] Malcolm Hutty is a minority share-holder and director of Instant Web.
>The decision to delete the CACIB web site was taken by his co-director,
>with Mr Hutty excusing himself from participation on the grounds
>of conflict of interest.
>[4] The legal advice referred to by Lee Maguire was given by
>Ince & Co, a major city law firm.

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