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Subject: Re: UKNM: Dot Com Fever
From: James Downes
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:26:38 +0100

Ok. my 2p worth

1) I missed the programme working on an e-business plan (hee, hee,

2) If I get another 'phone call from someone who has this great
e-business idea and if we work for nothing they will give us equity I
will probably lose my cool big time.

3) All this talk about hairdressers et al becoming e-businesses is both
true and false, its just a naming issue, all businesses are t-business's
its just that no-one had a phrase for it when telephones became
essential. I can think of lots of these as I am sure you all can. Did we
all become f-business when we got the fax machine? I for one however am
not going to let someone on the other side of the world cut my hair over
the internet (although i have a nasty suspicion that many people think I

4) my own view is that the only true e-business propositions are those
that couldn't have happened without the communications infrastructure
and universality that the common standards and worldwide reach of the
internet has given us. That's the challenge.

5) I agree with most of the comments re VC, it is a gamble for all of
them and like all good gamblers they know when to cut their losses and
when to increase their stakes. Of the many VCs I have met many are
charming, intelligent people, but as soon as it gets to the money they
are only interested in the deal, and the deal is God. Anyone who thinks
otherwise is IMHO naive. It is important to understand what you want VC
money to do, why you want it and deal with the consequences. On the
other side of the fence, VCs are not there to give money to lame
individuals who want to get out after a year. Surely the point is to
develop a business that generates profit. VC may get you there faster,
but unless the place is profit why would anyone be interested.

6) Big question is, who is going to be around in 12 month time when they
have spent their marketing, hopefully those e-companies who have solid
profitable business models. The sooner the bubble bursts in many
respects, the better, only then will we be able to talk to GM seriously
with real revenue being generated. btw I'm sure that GM talk to Cisco,
Microsoft etc.

sorry, bored now......excuse the rant


james downes
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