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Subject: No Subject
From: Graham Humphreys
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:44:09 +0100

William Wemyss wrote:


Does anyone out there know of any packages that give you comprehensive post
click analysis on banner advertising i.e. what actually is the cost of
acquiring a customer rather than just the clcik through rate. Also can it
tell you which banner on which site is producing the 'right' quality of
traffic etc. Any help greatly appreciated

William Wemyss
(44) 020 7348-6050
'e-targeting solutions'


The problem with most post-click packages is that they don't just plug and
play out of the box (mentioning no names) and often require months of
integration (still mentioning no names). When you've finished, you still
have a solution that is more off-the-peg than tailor-made.


We got so frustrated with the lack of decent tools, we decided to develop
our own post-click and path analysis technology, which we use with our
marketing clients. This way we can tailor it to the individual requirements
of a site, and calculate the cost per
click/action/registration/sale/customer from different sources and/or
creatives at different times. Does rather help with media negotiations.
Can't think what a marketing agency would do without this, really ;-)


Graham Humphreys
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Hyperlink Marketing
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