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Subject: RE: UKNM: "cybersquatter"
From: Stewart Dean
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 20:31:26 +0100

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> Subject: UKNM: "cybersquatter"
> I keep hearing and reading the term "cybersquatter", but what does it
> actually mean?
Cybersquatters = people who buy domain names for a reason other than that is
the name they need for their web project (be it personal or private). If you
buy a domain name because you think someone else is going to pay you for it
then that is cybersquatting.

> If I register the name of a well-known company which is not a
> trademark is
> that cybersquatting?
Only if you intend to make money off the connection with it being a
well-known company name.

> If I register a well-known person's name e.g.
> BaronessMargaretThatcher.com
> is that cybersquatting?
See above.

> If I register my own name, but 1000 other people have that
> name - is that
> cybersquatting?

> Do I detect a general feeling that speculating by buying lots
> of domain
> names for sale later, is distasteful?
It's the work of scum.

I've heard a lot of BS about free markets etc but I've had one to many good
domains made unavailable to me that are not in use (ie a page that has some
content and actualy maintained). There's nothing worse than checking for
that dream url to find:

Index of /


Last Updated 15th Oct 1997

or worse still

This Domain is For Sale...

I'd tar and feather those guilty of these crimes If I had half a chance.

stewart dean - stewartatwebslave [dot] dircon [dot] co [dot] uk

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