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Subject: Re: UKNM: "cybersquatter"
From: King McCarthy
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 10:51:37 +0100

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The answer in my opinion is intent.
If you "intend" to reap rewards by selling back the domain name to the
company whos name you've registered, then yes, you're a cybersquatter. I
think cybersquatters know "exactly" what their doing when they do it.

I do believe the last example you list is not a cybersquatter, since
multiples of people share the same name. billrobb.com could belong to lots
of folks worldwide, however, if you registered the name harrods.com

It's quite clear what your "intent" is.


King McCarthy

> I keep hearing and reading the term "cybersquatter", but what does it
> actually mean?
> I agree that if I register a name which is already a trademark or
> mark, then that is "cybersquatting".
> If I register the name of a well-known company which is not a trademark is
> that cybersquatting?
> If I register a well-known person's name e.g. BaronessMargaretThatcher.com
> is that cybersquatting?
> If I register my own name, but 1000 other people have that name - is that
> cybersquatting?
> Do I detect a general feeling that speculating by buying lots of domain
> names for sale later, is distasteful?
> Kind regards,
> Bill Robb
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  UKNM: "cybersquatter", William Robb

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