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Subject: Re: UKNM: "cybersquatter"
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 06:56:32 +0100

William Robb asked:
> I keep hearing and reading the term "cybersquatter", but what does it
> actually mean?

"By definition, a cybersquatter is one who is in the business of
registering, as a domain name, the trademarks or personal names of others
and then selling (usually at a significant profit) those marks or names to
the true owners. This happens when the owner of the name learns that the
cybersquatter has already registered the name, effectively locking out the
legitimate registrant."

> I agree that if I register a name which is already a trademark or
> mark, then that is "cybersquatting".

Yes it is. It is also a form 'domain name speculation'.

> If I register the name of a well-known company which is not a trademark is
> that cybersquatting?

No, this is DNS. Legally a grey area - morally, though...

> If I register a well-known person's name e.g. BaronessMargaretThatcher.com
> is that cybersquatting?

Again, legally a grey area - but here we have the .com confusion.
'com' is officially a US domain, so you *might* have less trouble here than
you would with BaronessMargaretThatcher.co.uk

> If I register my own name, but 1000 other people have that name - is that
> cybersquatting?

No, but if you have no intentions of building at the site, or primarily
intend to sell the name (there must more than one "Michael Jackson") then
you are engaging in domain name speculation.

BTW, I have no affiliation with the tosser @ www.timireland.com


> Do I detect a general feeling that speculating by buying lots of domain
> names for sale later, is distasteful?

To say the least. It is somewhat akin to the type who would buy up huge
tracts of arable land in the old west in the hope that the train company
might want to go through there someday. It makes life hell for potential

Tim Ireland

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  UKNM: "cybersquatter", William Robb

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