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Subject: UKNM: longer question re pr
From: Sean Phelan
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 19:05:14 +0100

I was interested to read the various replies to siobhan's question, as
I've been trying for ages to find a UK PR firm that (a) knows how do
do "real" PR (as in influencing the influencers, not just hacking press
releases), (b) understands the net, new media, etc., and (c) doesn't
have an attitude of "won't consider anything less than a 3,000 a month

I've also been trying to monitor who has been successfully placing stories,
etc. and so far all I can conclude is that Microsoft and Virgin both do it
very well, and everything else is fairly haphazard. The Citibank/Virgin deal
received lots of coverage; I can't think of any other recent examples of
stories that got very widespread uptake.

Has anybody else seen any well "placed" stories recently? That is, stories
that were picked up by most of the trade papers and one or two nationals?


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