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Subject: Re: UKNM: longer question re pr
From: Mike Bracken
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 10:47:48 +0100

>I've also been trying to monitor who has been successfully placing stories,
>etc. and so far all I can conclude is that Microsoft and Virgin both do it
>very well, and everything else is fairly haphazard. The Citibank/Virgin deal
>received lots of coverage; I can't think of any other recent examples of
>stories that got very widespread uptake.

Not necessarily a reflection on their PR though. They are both well known
companies that are watched by the meejah.

>Has anybody else seen any well "placed" stories recently? That is, stories
>that were picked up by most of the trade papers and one or two nationals?

Yep. Loads. Doesn't mean they were well placed though. If I were looking for
placed stories I'd look to publications that are short on editorial and or

Not sure I agree with your definition of placement. I'd define a good PR job
as getting positive coverage in a well respected publication that otherwise
would have overlooked the story, not a (badly) re written press release
in.....well, I won't name names.....


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