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Subject: UKNM: Type A traffic
From: Mike Butcher
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:23:20 +0100

Touchy subject ;)

The various Internet Adverising Bureaus aroound the globe and the various
country-wide Audit Bureaus are all still in the process of putting
agreements in place. The likelyhood is that local IABs will take their lead
from the US body (www.iab.net), while the IFABC (International Federation
of ABCs) meet soon to discuss it all further. The main thing is publishers
requesting to 'break out' the traffic between Type A abd B on their own
volition. The trouble is, the list of robot impressions (from search
engines, cheeky tech-heads etc) grows by the day, and the publishers have
the Augean task of sifting this bogus data out. There is now Type C traffic
I gather...

Most publishers/advertisers want to talk in terms of real people, real
pages viewed (thus Type A), so you will see this more and more I guess.


>Thank you. Is this an international standard?
>>>What is a "real, Type A" pageview?
>>Type A is ABC//electronic's term for page impressions requested and viewed
>>by people, as opposed to IE4 crawlers and search engine robots (Type B).
>>These figures are available from ABC's site at
>>The BBC now breaks out its audits between Type A and Type B. Most other
>>publishers are looking at doing the same from September.
>>Our own recent monthly Traffic Update (August 13th issue) carried a
>>publishers statement from BBC News Online stating that their traffic had
>>gone down to 14.89m impressions in July - so it sounds like the World Cup
>>had a lot to do with that 16.98m figure.
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>Neville Clarke
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