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Subject: Re: UKNM: Search engine promotions
From: Graham Hansell - Sitelynx website promotion
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:42:55 +0100

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You are right - you have to be very careful and there are definitely no
miracles for sale.

>(1) Setup a seperate (text only/HTML freindly) verison of your sites or
>even a page of links to sections of your real site you widh to promote, and
>get the web server to redirect the search engine to these spider friendly
>You would have to set this up for yourself regardless of who tells you this.

It's actually best to start site design with search engines in mind when
you are working with any site - search engine mirroring of a large site
will cost nearly as much as running the first site.
The biggest problem is the highly valuable "dynamic" information which
tends to be "cloaked" from search engines in cgi's/databases.

The solution you are offering of browser detection and IP sensing still
needs to be regularly updated (it's a war out there with this one - search
engines throwing all sorts of tricks shots to catch people out) and there
is still a need for structuring the HTML correctly for each search engine.

>(2) Do a contra-deal with a big search engine so they can force your
>results to the top (or just pay them !)

Have you managed this one or know anyone who has - we have never seen any
real evidence of this and we have offered (and threatened) over the years.

>(3) Lay your pages out more search engine freindly (this is not needed if
>you do step 1)

Yes it is. You still need the correct pages to feed the search engines else
all you changes won't be effective.

>(4) Learn how search engines work, not exacly a black art, but you may need
>to do some searching on the web to find out how they work,
>http://www.searchenginewatch.com is a good starting point for this.Anyone
>who tell you they have 'super insider info' is talking rubbish, except
>Elizabeth (Van Couvering) who can tell us all how Excite works ;-)

It's not a "black art" (pointy hats are optional) but a very rapidly
changing environment with a wide range of variables (indexing algorithms,
link popularity, spidering frequency/detection, search engine bugs and

crashes etc).
Any company who is serious about this (and there are a few quality
companies in this market) will need staff permanently committed to it - as
with any specialist it's their commitment and specialists knowledge that a
client is buying into.

>(5) make sure you don't do anything stupid like deny access to search
>engines via access control

Damn fine point - oh I had a penny for every robots.txt we find.

>Be carefull, it is absolutly stupid to pay someone to tell you to add a few
><META-TAGS> to your page.

Completely - by the way Caroline (who asked the question) is very
knowledgeable about this type of work and certainly isn't just going to pay
for META Tag building.

Graham Hansell
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