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Subject: Re: UKNM: The interesting thing about this games debate...
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 20:51:40 +0100

John B is spot-on. PCs were not designed for games, consoles are, and Sony will continue to dominate. Regarding software: I am not too convinced of ISS on Nintendo 64 - it depends if you prefer a fast arcade style game or a simulator-style game. EA's FIFA series are less arcady and more simulator. Tomb Raider is dull - but as we all know - Lara sells (not Brian) - but games like Metal Gear and Tenchu make up for it. Gran Turismo is the best racer out there, plus Colin McRae is not far behind...and both are more complex than the usual racing release (NFS, RR4). Driver IS overrated, as are 90% of all other releases. And John, I guess I am one of those 'must have it now' consumers, as I rushed to get FIFA's latest release, Premiership STARS. I did this fully aware that FIFA 2000 is scheduled for release in November...and probably will differ little to previous versions. Most serious gamers I know have several copies of EA's FIFA, and swear by it (they also acknowledge ISS !
- but generally isgnore it). Brand loyalty/familarity also sells...and EA are milking it.
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