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Subject: UKNM: Data on On-Site Games and traffic
From: Vincent O'Keeffe
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:28:36 +0100

Hi folks,

Don't know if this has been covered in the recent games debate, but could
someone tell me if there is anything more than anecdotal evidence linking
on-site games (Shockwave and the like) to web site traffic / popularity?

You know the types of useless brand-centric doo-hickeys I'm talking about.
Personally, I can see how having a game on your site might peak a user's
interest initially but since the majority of games that you find on sites
are rubbish, they won't bother playing it a second time. I mean, as a web
user, I have a choice with my time to play either Quake2 or wait to download
a particulalry awful version of Pac Man from a site. Why would I, or anyone
else, bother?

Now, I know some games can be quite compelling - quizzes, fantasy leagues
etc - but I'd like to know if the reflex to put games on a site to improve
traffic is based on reality or erroneous assumption.


Vincent O' Keeffe
Octagon Technologies Limited Tel: 353 1 260 2497
Web-based Business Solutions E-Mail:vokatoctagon [dot] ie

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