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Subject: UKNM: TouchyLookyFeely Designers
From: Tomski
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 18:57:52 +0100

is it me, or is there a dearth of top class web *graphic* designers in the UK?

I've met several top-class user interface / info architecture people, but
the graphics/touchy-looky-feely people tend to be either

i) still in art college mode on a mission to creative insanity (NEEEEXT!)
ii) self-taught photoshop monkeys with the graphical sensibility of a penguin
iii) bullshit merchants whose portfolio sites consist entirely of
badly-repurposed offline graphics.

Anyone know the Matt Jones of online look and feel?

Come to think of it, can anyone think of a UK site that looks, like,
totally out of this world whilst still remaining faithful to the Holy
Scriptures Of Jakob Nielsen and www.useit.com?
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