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From: Tomski
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 18:57:55 +0100

one for stef.'s (s)crap book

>August 19th 1999
>Live demos, competitions, product and industry news plus the Dr Funk
>problem clinic provide a unique Internet based audio and video
>experience at
>Always at the forefront of technology, Pioneer unveils its latest
>innovation - a revolutionary new website and product demonstration
>centre at HTTP://www.pioneer-funkycooldigital.co.uk.
>www.pioneer-funkycooldigital.co.uk is the place to find out more about
>Pioneer's most recent car audio success story OEL. OEL is a new in-car
>entertainment concept that brings Pioneer a giant step further toward
>the future integration of entertainment, navigation and communication
>Designed using state of the art streamed video and audio,
>www.pioneer-funkycooldigital.co.uk visitors can demo the kit live and
>find out detailed information on product specs within the OEL range.
>Plus once you have given into the extreme temptation of buying an OEL
>unit, the site features an interactive dealer locator service. The
>dealer locator uses sophisticated postcode matching and mapping
>technologies and makes finding your local car audio specialist a piece
>of cake.
>If you want to try your hand at winning the kit instead, every
>fortnight, Pioneer will be running an exclusive competition and giving
>away one OEL head unit to a lucky site visitor. Entry into the draw
>requires no purchase but is strictly via the Internet and one visitor
>will be selected at random.
>The latest series of head units featuring the striking OEL or Organic
>Electroluminescent animated display device technology have been
>phenomenally successful and within in just one month of street
>availability, have outsold all other models.
>About OEL
>OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) animated display device technology is
>unique to Pioneer and featured on all models in the Autoflap range. The
>new displays create fantastic,
>3-D moving images for a truly visual experience.
>OEL gives users a wide variety of display patterns with striking
>illuminations - patterns range from futuristic and sophisticated looking
>New York skylines to funky equaliser curves that move with musical
>variances in bass, mid and treble outputs. The display screen offers an
>amazingly wide viewing angle of +/- 160 degrees and unlike the LCD type
>displays used in most cars, OEL displays are extremely bright with
>fantastic contrast. The OEL products also come with Steering Wheel
>Remote controllers for safe and easy operation.
>OEL displays are available on the DEH-P9000R, KEH-P8800R, MEH-P9000R and
>DEH-P8000R head units, all of which also have a fully motorised Autoflap
>front panel with detach mechanisms. Selected models in this group will
>also incorporate DSP audio. The DSP features include a 13-Band Graphic
>Equaliser, 3-Mode Sound Field Control, an Auto-Equaliser, a Digital
>Auto-Sound Leveliser, and the octaver bass enhancement system, a new
>feature from Pioneer, which adds a blast of bass to any audio track.
>The DEH-P9000R high power CD/RDS tuner with CD and MD control, offers
>the following features: Intelligent RDS tuner, Easy EQ, Spectrum
>Analyser and MOSFET 4x45 W output power. The DEH-P9000R also includes
>the new built-in DSP Sound Effect feature which boosts bass levels on
>any sound track. The MEH-P9000R high power mini-disk tuner with RDS and
>MD control is a similar specification unit.
>About Pioneer High Fidelity (GB) Ltd
>Pioneer develops and manufactures an extensive range of car audio
>equipment, including multi-play CD changers, cassette/tuners, speakers,
>Digital Signal Processing (DSP) units and power amplifiers. Its
>distinguished track record is combined with a strong emphasis on ease of
>operation and road safety, making Pioneer the brand of choice among car
>manufacturers World-wide. BMW, Honda, Daihatsu, TVR and Aston Martin
>offer Pioneer upgrades to their customers.
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