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Subject: Re: UKNM: Data on On-Site Games and traffic
From: azeem azhar, lists
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 15:14:51 +0100

Web site games produced by people who are experts at what players want, how
to deliver it, how to create reasons for repeat usage, are excellent at
promoting both reach and repeat usage.

Additionally, they can help reach out to groups otherwise hard to reach
online, such as women.

People like interacting in quizzes. Games needn't be made in shockwave; the
most compelling games created by the games players are written in Java or

Someone like Uproar can create hyperstick games, which are part of the
Uproar network. So as a brand you'd probably find it more effective to
sponsor them.

At 11:05 am +0100 1999/08/19, Vincent O'Keeffe wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Don't know if this has been covered in the recent games debate, but could
>someone tell me if there is anything more than anecdotal evidence linking
>on-site games (Shockwave and the like) to web site traffic / popularity?
>You know the types of useless brand-centric doo-hickeys I'm talking about.
>Personally, I can see how having a game on your site might peak a user's
>interest initially but since the majority of games that you find on sites
>are rubbish, they won't bother playing it a second time. I mean, as a web
>user, I have a choice with my time to play either Quake2 or wait to download
>a particulalry awful version of Pac Man from a site. Why would I, or anyone
>else, bother?
>Now, I know some games can be quite compelling - quizzes, fantasy leagues
>etc - but I'd like to know if the reflex to put games on a site to improve
>traffic is based on reality or erroneous assumption.
>Vincent O' Keeffe
>Octagon Technologies Limited Tel: 353 1 260 2497
>Web-based Business Solutions E-Mail:vokatoctagon [dot] ie

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