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Subject: RE: UKNM: Most trafficked sites?
From: Ian Williams
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 16:23:31 +0100

Surely its not how much time they spend, its what they do on the site
that counts. For example portal sites may prefer users to visit a
number of times a day, spend a little time on the site finding what they
want then exit via an e-commerce partner, ad etc. In contrast sites
like Moneysupermarket.com (which we do the PR for) are more interested
in the conversion rate that the site achieves (i.e. how many buy a
mortgage, loan or credit card) than the volume of traffic we drive to it
or indeed how long the individuals spend on the site.

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Subject: RE: UKNM: Most trafficked sites?

'er, but isn't the reason why they have MSN and other associated
sites at the top is 'cos MSN/Microsoft is the default home page for IE
and most people don't change their default browser, so hence everytime
someone goes online Microsoft will come top of the pops!

It's rather like if everytime IE came with fox.co.uk or sky.com as its
default then this would be the top of the list

What is more important is not so much of who is the top site in terms of
traffic but how much time do people spend on that site. Is it better to
20 million impressions if the average time spent on the site is 5
minutes or
is it better to have one million impressions if the average time spent
is 30
minutes.... methinks, we shouldn't be obsessed as to who have the
amount of traffic, rather we should start getting obsessed on the issue
how much time do people spend on a site and what can we do to improve
sites to help users spend even more time on them!


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