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Subject: RE: Re[2]: UKNM: Design, Design, Design
From: Ani Tertzakian
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:48:57 GMT

I have to agree with you Paul! I've come across some excellent designers
who were dyslexic...funny, when you are faced with a learning disability,
you do come up with CREATIVE ways of thinking around the way you were
taught...makes sense, huh? And intelligence has nothing to do with it

A designer is a designer and a proofreader a proofreader and I don't suspect
you should mix the two.


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Subject: Re[2]: UKNM: Design, Design, Design

Interesting. I've worked with some fine designers who were dyslexic
(it isn't uncommon amongst designers for some creative reason). I had
to proofread for them but their design skills seemed to outweigh any
spelling problems they had.

Also, poor spelling or bad grammer in email is absolutely fine, as it
is a quick and dirty form of communication with a high degree of
spontaneity involved. I don't think I would pull people up for poor
grammar during a telephone conversation, as long as I was clear about
what they were saying...


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KC> Too true.

KC> I do get a depressing number of CVs, pitches etc that are just plain
KC> however. I think the difference is that you don't necessarily expect
KC> traders to boast A levels, MSc IT courses, blah blah.

KC> Is there a serious point for UKNM? Well as a client I just wouldn't hire
KC> anybody who went around spraying market trader apostrophes all over the
KC> place or confused 'infer' with 'imply', 'less' with 'fewer' and so on.
KC> that includes designers - I was a long time ago a Production Manager in
KC> print, and illiterates in the studio were more trouble than they were
KC> worth - I'd know that I would face a day blue-pencilling headlines and
KC> standfirsts.

KC> Perhaps it's just the old proofreader in me reacting with an overdose of
KC> seasonal cheer...

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KC> Subject: RE: UKNM: Design, Design, Design

KC> Probably not, but I'm still under thirty and am perfectly capable of
KC> an apostrophe.

KC> I don't see the over-thirties getting it right that much either - take a
KC> look 'round the nearest market if you don't believe me :-)

KC> m

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