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Subject: Re: UKNM: the internet on your phone - yeah right!
From: Ruth Stone
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:48:56 GMT

Couldn't agree more Lee.

In my book slating WAP is on a par with poo-pooing the entire internet on
the basis of flash only sites - great when it works for those with the
technical capacity, but a frustrating experience the majority without.

What you do now online and through mobiles should not be determined by the
wide and varied creation software out there but rather by the minimum
capabilities of the user's mobile devices (calling them phones is
fast-becoming a misnomer).

However reponsible PRs and journos do ensure the press carries the truth -
albeit a transient quantity these days.

It is the likes of BT and their misleading ads that created the hype which
turned consumers off WAP in their droves. And when the WAP / i-mode hybrid
you speak of emerges they are gonna take some convincing.


>From: leeatdjindex [dot] com
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>To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
>Subject: UKNM: the internet on your phone - yeah right!
>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:04:24 GMT
>yes ... WAP has only got about a year left then it's hello to a WAP/ i-Mode
>Generally I hope people have learnt a lot in the last year or so and also
>many ways.
>We, (the general public), were all hyped into believing that we could get
>the Internet on our phones.
>This is actually a very true and very false statement.
>As we all know, the Internet is made up of many entities - Web, FTP,
>newsgroups etc. So in effect, because text is part of the web, yes ... we
>can access the Internet on our phones.
>The general public perception of the Internet is in fact the Web - text,
>pictures, software, movies blah, yadda and doesn't include e-mail FTP,
>newsgroups et all, so, in contradictary terms, NO we cannot access the
>internet on our phones because we can't get full screen Madonna live from
>Brixton in .WMF.
>I am really glad that:
>1, I have been involved in "the internet business" for ages, (7 years next
>february to be exact), and therefore know what is and isn't true/ possible.
>2, Never subscribe to hype in any form.
>3, Don't believe anything in the press.
>4, Can see what the future will be bringing.
>What is needed is a "start again" attitude to the net in that we educate
>general public on what the Internet _really_ is and what the differences
>between the Internet and the Web/ newsgroups/ e-mail etc and where they all
>fit together.
>Ask any member of the general public if they, for example,:
>Can leave the shopping to their fridge that reads bar codes on all the
>products in it.
>Watch, shop and surf on a widescreen TV with surround sound.
>Broadcast live from a DVCam embedded in their jacket.
>Most won't even know that all this is actually possible nowadays and those
>that do will _probably_ say that you can do these on the web!

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