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Subject: RE: UKNM: WAP Numbers
From: Jones, Matt
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:24:32 GMT

> Actually Betamax was a technically superior solution to VHS - VHS won
> the 'war' due to product uptake by manufacturers and good marketing.
> We might find WAP does the same thing. Superior product doesn't
> always mean vast consumer uptake (witness Mac/PC, VHS/Beta,
> N64/Playstation).

sorry james, but isn't that a red herring?

there was not a significant difference between the user experience of beta +
vhs... specifically access to the actual experience, whereafter, all other
things being equal if you like, the quality of the experience to price
point/content availablity became the issue.

with wap, there is such a BARRIER TO ENTRY to the experience of the
content/services to most people (including those who might be deemed expert
users, like m'self) that the relatively low-payback in benefit of the
content/services makes it a non-starter.

Some 'vertical' applications such as gaming or road-warrior productivity
where the userpaincost/benefit equation works out okay (and IMHO, some best
of breed at: http://www.supedo.co.uk/dhtml/, http://www.nervewireless.com,
respectively) might meet with success - but the massmarket take up that
silversurfer cellnet hype aimed to generate i think just won;t happen)

but that's a conversation that's happened a 1000 times on this list already.


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