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Subject: Re: RE: UKNM: B2B / SME ideas
From: aajgray
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:24:52 GMT

There are ways to harness the fact that many of the most widely distributed
emails are funny. The problem is that often those using 'viral marketing'
try too hard to market their product and forget the innocent recklessness
that often goes into the funniest emails doing the rounds.

Don't know whether Sam will let it go through but I've attached a word
document with some great content that could easily act as a vehicle for a
product/ service related message (contact me off list if you don't receive
it). The nature of the content (Australian self-parody/ congratulations)
means that it would obviously be passed along among Aussies.

If you want an agency to create this type of stuff, you need to let a good
writer go wild and back things up with sound strategy. Can't help you with
any general examples but I do know a writer who could generate some great
material. We're ready when you are.


Andy Gray
MWL Brand Response
Phone: 020 7520 2785
> Viral Marketing is pretty much a B2C technique, it's difficult to make an
>SME service/product 'pass-on-able' as viral apps/emails only really works
>they are funny or rude, I can't think of many SME services/products that
>fall into these categories! Also, who will pass on information that is
>probably not relevent to their friends and could potentially benefit their
>You might be able to do something with SMS but it really depends what the
>product/service is that you're trying to pitch for...
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>From: James Gordon-MacIntosh [jamesgmacathotmail [dot] com (mailto:jamesgmacathotmail [dot] com)]
>Sent: 11 December, 2000 2:57 PM
>To: uknmatchinwag [dot] com
>Subject: UKNM: B2B / SME ideas
>Hi there,
>Has anyone got any good examples of successful viral/ e-mail / SMS / mobile
>Internet marketing ideas to appeal to small and medium size enterprises
>a B2B provider? Looking for really general stuff to offer up as random
>is what can be done" 's.
>Any examples / ideas appreciated -- am actaully looking to find an agency
>come up with and implement specific ideas if the client bites on the basic
>principle of this kind of marketing so sales pitches with ideas gratefully
>Please reply to jamesatgordon-macintosh [dot] com (mailto:jamesatgordon-macintosh [dot] com), am out of office at the
>moment but am after info soonest, hence hotmail send address.

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