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Subject: RE: UKNM: Design, Design, Design
From: Ian Collingwood
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:46:04 GMT

Oh double perrrrleeeezzzzz....

If you'd absorbed any of the ideas behind User Centred Design (or HCI or
Usability Engineering or whatever you want to call it), you'd realise that
the key to it all is TESTING. In other words you can use any technology you
like, as long as you make sure that it works in the real world with real
users. Seems obvious really, doesn't it?

Nielsen does *not* exclude any technologies - he just thinks that designers
should focus on winning over users, not winning industry awards. And if I
was a company paying half a million quid for an interface that depended on
users actually being able to use it then I suspect that I'd listen to
Nielsen, and test, test, test until I knew that it worked.

If Mr. N, muppet though he may be, (and let's face it he *is* a bit of a
muppet...) can show that his site, with its 4-piece nav bar, plain text and
rather bizarre colour scheme is easier to use than some Flash-bunny's
self-indulgent wet dream of an interface then I'm afraid he's right - end of


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> oh perrrlleeeezzz ....
> Mr. N is a muppet.
> If he had his way we would all be designing sites with a left
> hand, 4 piece
> nav bar and plain, non-formatted text on the right.
> Their would be no animations, videos, style sheets, WAP, PDA
> ... blah yadda.
> All his ideas are based on common sense, that's all, nothing
> magical at all.
> Although I do admire his brilliance for making a fortune out
> of telling
> people to do things the way they should be doing them in the
> first place!!
> Lee
> >>>>>Jacob Nielson's vision of design ideal could be similar
> to us all not
> >using apostroph es at all 'cause it's too damn confusing.<<<<
> >
> >Personally, I think Jakob Neilsen is wonderful, and you're wrong.

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