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Subject: No Subject
From: Ben Thompson
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 16:18:46 GMT

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Subject: UKNM: Advertising might actually be dead
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 12:17:39 -0000
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One of those things I noticed in my daily search of all that is or might be
vaguely useful (along with an addition to XML called ICE that will be very,
useful in about Jan 2000).

Solid Oak maker of CyberSitter has announced a new banner advert eating
program. There was a previous program of this type but it dead amid legal
threats two years ago.

This by itself is not that important (the vast majority of people will not
know how to implement it) but Navigator 5 is freeware and is enhancable /
reprogrammable (I assume everyone is aware of that). This is where the
problems begin.

One of the weaknesses of Navigator is that its HTML parser (the code that
displays the HTML page) is not as forgiving as its IE competitor. Changes
made to the HTML parser are likely to be the most popuar enhancements in non
Netscape versions of Navigator. Most people I know looking into re-writing
Netscape are looking at this area more than any other.

Now the code needed to identify and remove banners from an HTML page is not
difficult. You merely remove any reference to graphics sized 468 by 60
pixels or redirect the request to another site (say your own). The problem
has always been accessing the HTML parser that processes and displays the
page. Previously this has not been possible and so there has been little
reason for people to try.

Unfortunately this is no longer the case. Any half decent C programmer who
can read annoted code, can find the HTML parser and add their own search,
replace routine.

All that is required is for the idea to be planted in people's minds (and it
has been) and we will see banner eating browsers. Most people probably would
not even realise it was being done.

Anyway sleep well folks,

Ben Thompson
Mendip Services Ltd
0976 768221

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