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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising is dead...long live advertising!
From: Galal siksik
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:51:33 GMT

Hi Everybody,

The Advertising needs creativity and a lot of imagination that's why
American ad is successful then to be honest, they really are creative


On Tue, 17 Feb 1998 18:55:28 +0000 Ross Sleight <rosssateasynet [dot] co [dot] uk>
> Steve Bowbrick wrote:
> > The authors propose that advertisiing may have been a short-term funding
> > source for web sites but that commerce will now quickly replace it.
What do
> > you think, team? Is the European web ad market dead before its first
> > black tie dinner or are the Americans just getting jumpy?
> I hope not. I do enjoy dressing up as a penguin.
> Interestingly, Debra Aho Williamson used to write for Ad Age I believe.
> So I respect her opinion on this specific subject. However, I think
> she's wrong here and could be accused of scaremongering.
> Why?
> (i) Multiple revenue streams are strong. Advertising, sponsorship,
> transactions, subscriptions etc can all be used to maximise revenue, but
> they *do not* replace each other. The cover price of a magazine does
> not negate a subscription (at less cost than buying the magazine each
> day/month for a year). It doesn't negate advertising or advertorials in
> that magazine. It doesn't negate promotional offers where the magazine
> takes a cut of the transaction. So I doubt that online will differ very
> much here. Without multiple revenue streams you can never maximise
> revenue potential. Without maximising revenue potential you cannot
> provide the best product possible for consumers. Without providing the
> best product for consumers....I think we all know the circle from here!
> (ii) "Advertising" works online (<pause> when I say advertising online
> I don't just mean traditional advertising. I mean DM, SP etc. Don't
> want to get into that train of thought again! </pause>) Hate to say it,
> but we've found it does. And we've run campaigns for 20 plus different
> clients from almost every sector. Yes it works well in some cases
> better than others. But we can always prove ROI. And we can prove ROI
> which is more effective than traditional channels. Even now in this
> "nascent" medium (or so we all say). So I don't see advertising going
> away.
> (iii) Localisation is the key for European advertising. We are a
> (excuse the rosey tinted specs) broad union of niche communities in
> every country. We operate on smaller audience reach than the US. Apart
> from trotting out all the same old arguments that we all know, I think
> local advertisers are more receptive to smaller niche audeinces to
> maximise their investment, which makes the net a highly viable medium
> for certain sectors at the moment. And this I think holds true for not
> just local (country by country) but local v national as well.
> (iv) I like the thought of commerce online. I even buy things online
> myself. But boy are we a long way off from making commerce work in a
> transactional sense. And I do believe that there are times where we
> want to influence individuals in a manner where we don't want to sell to
> them - you know, right at the start of the sales process where we
> attempt brand awareness, brand perception shifts, information etc.
> Sometimes a sale is not the required outcome, and sometimes we as an
> industry are too quick to say that just because the Net can sell things
> (as it can facilitate every point of the sales process), we should use
> the net to sell! I could leap under a tube train tonight (no - please -
> the shouts of encouragement are too loud!) but just because I can
> doesn't mean I should!
> (v) I'd be out of a job if I thought advertising was dead in Europe
> before it started.
> So on with the DJ's and ballgowns and lets dance the light fantastic for
> the next 100 years...
> Ross

Toodle Pip

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  UKNM: Advertising is dead...long live ad, Ross Sleight

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