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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Casper M�ller
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:32:50 GMT

TV advertising of Web sites is not exactly a new concept in Europe's smaller
countries where advertising costs are relatively much lower than in the UK.
In Scandinavia the first TV ads for Web sites showed up about a year ago,
but, as far as I know, there haven't been any recently in Denmark or Sweden
(I do not know about Norway).

I think a lot of people visited sites out of pure curiosity, but I do not
believe in the concept as a way to actually increase revenue. You might be
able to drive visitors to your site, but if you do not have anything to
entice your visitors to actually buy from you, the concept of TV advertising
seems almost suicidal. The first TV ad for a Web site in Denmark was for an
online computer shop, and it was screened four times a day. Five months
later the company had gone out of business.

In the case of Topjobs, TV advertising actually seems to be a rather good
idea. Topjobs relies on its sponsors/advertisers (the people who have
positions to be filled). The rates for advertising are likely determined by
the number of visitors, and an ever increasing number of visitors also makes
Topjobs a more "lucrative" prospect for potential advertisers/employers.
They are really in the process of creating a positive circle: more
advertisers - and thus improved content - will also mean more satisfied
visitors, which could probably lead to more advertisers.

The idea of TV advertising, in this case, seems quite obvious to me: almost
everybody who watches TV is a prospective employee or employer and the Web
site functions as a mediator between the two groups (and probably making a
bundle in the process). Topjobs have understood the very difficult task of
creating an integrated communications strategy across several media,
something I feel many companies in the new media world have forgotten all

One of the keys to success on the Web is, and will always be, the
integration of external communications efforts. This requires an
understanding of your audience and adapting your message to be most
effective in a given medium. This also holds true for companies whose
primary business is offline: If your traditional advertising works, but your
Web site doesn't, the disparity will lead to unconvinced customers. If your
customers start doubting your abilities to thrive in the new business
conditions of the 1990s they might quickly consider taking their business

The big question that remains is: how do you integrate your communications
efforts? In 1997, GISTICS produced a very interesting model for an Apple
Computer white paper which I would urge everybody to have a closer look at.
It is called "Media Asset Management", and quite clearly shows how you can
build an integrated communications strategy centred on the Web.

However, the big problem which most companies still need to solve remains
diminishing customer loyalty. I have quite a few good ideas about this (as
well as 2 years practice on the Web building customer relationships, and 18
months academic research). If anybody is interested in discussing this
aspect of Web marketing, please let me know.

Casper :-)

Marketing Manager, Internet
Time Manager International A/S

Private tel. 0171 370 6031

Glen Collins wrote:

> Was anyone else surprised to see 'topjobs' advertising their website on
> Channel 4 at the weekend?
> It's the first time that I have seen a TV advert dedicated purely to
> advertising a website, and I would really question the logic behind it.
> (Unless there is some link with Channel 4 and the site?)
> I do not know the actual figures involved, but my gut feeling is that
> they would have been much better off investing the money into a balanced
> online marketing campaign.
> What does anyone else think about this?
> Glen--
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  UKNM: Advertising A Website?, Glen Collins

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