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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Duncan Macmillan
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:32:48 GMT

I'm not qualified to judge whether or not it is cost effective to target a
TV audience (albeit Channel 4) specifically, but they have managed to
generate some gossip in the online community, who I imagine are the target

There are probably cheaper ways of making a news story, although I can't
quite see how a custard pie could be utilised in this instance.

Cheers - Duncan

Glen Collins wrote:

> Was anyone else surprised to see 'topjobs' advertising their website on
> Channel 4 at the weekend?
> It's the first time that I have seen a TV advert dedicated purely to
> advertising a website, and I would really question the logic behind it.
> (Unless there is some link with Channel 4 and the site?)
> I do not know the actual figures involved, but my gut feeling is that
> they would have been much better off investing the money into a balanced
> online marketing campaign.
> What does anyone else think about this?
> Glen--
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  UKNM: Advertising A Website?, Glen Collins

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