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Subject: RE: Newsfeeds
From: Daniel Rosewarne
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 11:24:56 -0000

Hi there, here at inframes.com we run a web site called What The Papers Say.
I hope this doesn't sound too much like a blatent sales pitch, but it may
well be a useful to some of you.

The site, which is a little over year old now, provides an overview of UK
news, world news, showbiz and sport every weekday morning in an easy-to-read
who-what-where-when format, quoting the best snippets from all the online
daily rags (Mirror, Sun, Times, Express etc etc), which is then distributed
by web, wap and a daily email.

We can provide a complete co-branded version of the What The Papers Say web
site, with co-branded site and daily email. Take a look at
www.eggfreezone.com for a good example. We also have several options as far
as newsfeeds go - we offer a basic feed of the news content via iSyndicate.

Take a look at www.inframes.com for more info, or give me a call 07767


Daniel Rosewarne - Director

inframes.com ltd
Publishers of WhatThePapersSay.co.uk
Unit 18, 33 London Street, Reading,
Berkshire. RG1 4PS.

t. 0118 957 6161 f. 0870 734 5174
m. 07767 301967 e. danielatinframes [dot] com

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