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Subject: Honesty the best policy
From: Jon Ewing
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 08:15:51 -0000

Just wanted to congratulate the editor of Q4music on the way he handled what was a particularly embarrassing screw-up resulting in a ping-pong match of message-failed messages and "please stop sending me these things" emails bouncing around between (presumably thousands) of bewildered subscribers over the last couple of days.

Even the best of us make mistakes, but what separates the men from the boys is having the balls to admit it. Danny Eccleston's no-bull message follows this.

Jon Ewing
Editor, What The Papers Say

Many, many apologies to those of you who received some bizarre emails from Q4music yesterday. These were meant for our registration administrators but went astray.

Basically, our mailing system, which we can assure you we will no longer be using, had a terminal fit. This message comes from our shiny new system which we'll use from now on.

The old server has now been shut down, but you may (and we are so, so sorry about this) still be receiving mails as they work their way through ISPs and the internet. Please delete them (replying will, we fear, exacerbate the problem), with our apologies for "spamming" you.
Be reassured that your registration details are secure and the mails do not contain any virus.

We hope that you'll stay registered with us - there are some terrific registrant offers coming up in the next few weeks. If, however, you wish to unsubscribe, please click the link below and we'll ensure that you are removed from the list. If you've been trying to unsubscribe for the last few days, we're afraid that the mailing problems may have got in the way, so we recommend taking a moment to (if this is the correct expression) re-unsubscribe.

Thanks and apologies from everyone at Q4music.com
Danny Eccleston
Site Editor

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