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Subject: ADMIN: Helpful Info
From: Sam Michel
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 22:28:13 -0000

Just a quick note to remind you about some useful bits and pieces.


If you receive each email (single message mode) from uk-netmarketing as its
sent and you're finding the volume too much to deal with, why not try digest
mode? You'll receive one email each day containing all the messages sent to
UKNM. To switch to digest, send a blank email to:

digest-uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com (mailto:digest-uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com)

Fed up of having to wait to get all the UKNM emails in one big email. You
can switch to single message mode to receive the emails as soon as they are
sent to the list. N.B. This can be a quite a lot of email, setting up a
filter on your email program is probably a good idea.

mail-uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com (mailto:mail-uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com)

Want to see if your name ends up in lights. The uknm-roundup is a weekly
editorial covering the most prominent topics that have cropped up on UKNM
during the week. We also add some other useful bits and pieces including,
funny, weird and useful links that members have posted to the list.
Subscribe by sending a blank email to:

subscribe-uknm-roundupatchinwag [dot] com (mailto:subscribe-uknm-roundupatchinwag [dot] com)

Our newest newsletter, a weekly roundup of all the relevant new media events
covering everything from seminars to exhibitions to those all-important
booze fil....err, networking events. Subscribe by sending a blank email to:

subscribe-uknm-eventsatchinwag [dot] com (mailto:subscribe-uknm-eventsatchinwag [dot] com)

To let us know about your event/exhibition/seminar/etc, send it to:
submit-uknm-eventsatlists [dot] chinwag [dot] com (mailto:submit-uknm-eventsatlists [dot] chinwag [dot] com)

## ...AND FINALLY... ##
a little something to keep you spirits up when the dotcom gloom seems to be
closing in. A sister publication is launching a weekly showbiz gossip
newsletter. Yes, we know new media is the new glamour mill, but everyone
needs something to read on the toilet. First issue out soon. To subscribe,
you know the drill...

subscribe-thedoseatchinwag [dot] com (mailto:subscribe-thedoseatchinwag [dot] com)


Toodle Pip

Sam Michel, Chinwag - Internet Community
e: samatchinwag [dot] com http://www.chinwag.com
t: 0870 730 7313 f: 0870 730 7312

Seminars? Exhibitions? Networking events? Get our
new weekly events calendar by email:

Weekly round-up of uk-netmarketing discussion via email:

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