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Subject: Re: UKNM: SET - ease of use
From: Andres Varela
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:00:18 +0100

Steve Johnston replied

>>after our signing deals with various SET companies (because frankly we have
>Have to? Why?

Credibility more than anything. We are engaged in a huge international
ecommerce project, which in most peoples minds centres not on helping the
Red Cross but on gambling. We have to take every precaution so as to
convince punters/benefactors that everything's kosher and that their
transactions are as safe as possible. Bit of a sod sometimes, really.

(not a cue to restart the safer-than-leaving-credit-card-slips-in-a-restaurant discussion)

But returning to my original reason for posting:

Does anyone know of a card issuer (or even a consumer) actively using SET?
When we phoned MBNA to find out about getting hold of SET software as
consumers, we were told that they don't bother with SET as they're not
convinced it's secure and want nothing to do with it (once we'd explained at
length what it was we were asking for and the chap had had time to ask his
boss about it).

Not the view I'd expect from a company issuing VISA cards...but perhaps I'm
being naive.

Answers here or on a ('far more secure') postcard...


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