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Subject: UKNM: Banner ad release
From: Paul Douglas
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:07:10 GMT

May be of interest to some of you. This is an unedited press release and
doesn't reflect my views, by the way...


Date: 23rd March 1999
Release: Immediate


Pentacom Communications, the London-based Internet technology
consultants, are set to become the first company in the world to offer
truly interactive advertising banners for the Internet. When
ActiveAdvertiser is launched at Intranet Expo'99 on April 20th, it will
also give advertisers and ad agencies unprecedented dynamic feedback on
the effectiveness of their Web advertising with powerful reporting tools
that monitor precisely how many people have interacted with the ad and
what their response has been.

According to Bruce McVicar, Managing Director of Pentacom
Communications, "ActiveAdvertiser is a leading edge solution that will
revolutionise traditional banner advertising. Conventional banners
remain static in functionality and are limited to pointing traffic to
specific Internet sites. ActiveAdvertiser banners, on the other hand,
involve viewers by encouraging them to either play an interactive game
or use pull-down menus to navigate to further locations. In either case,
the reporting tool gives the advertiser and site administrator full
details of how many visitors see the ad, how long they spend looking at
it and what action they take."

"Our research has shown that this type of banner undoubtedly captures
and holds the visitor's attention much more effectively than
conventional banner ads." continued McVicar, "ActiveAdvertiser pushes
Internet technology to new limits and provides dynamic statistical
information to the advertiser or broker, complemented by revolutionary
administration tools for banner creation, logistics and reporting."

Pentacom Communications are on 0171 493 5700 or www.pentacom.co.uk

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