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Subject: RE: UKNM: State of the Nation
From: Garret Keogh
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 11:34:07 +0100

I went along with some other people from here and it was very dull, very
empty and badly focussed. there were a strange mixture of end-user web
creation tools, ISPs and security and e-commerce applications. Citibank for
example, had no one on the stand that knew anything significant about their
online banking service as they were just there to open accounts (2K deposit

I'd like to think that the show was quiet because the market had diversified
and all the action is elsewhere in the UK. However I just think it was a
badly planned, poorly marketed show with nothing new to say. As the tools
become more common place, the issues surrounding online business become more
interesting. None of this was really reflected. I spoke at a Business Online
event in Amsterdam recently which was much more lively with an intelligent,
informed audience concerned with real integration of ecommerce technologies.

IW was a missed opportunity and a waste of an afternoon.

Garret Keogh,
Content Manager, Computing and Games
CompuServe Interactive Services
+44 (0)118 952 5541
mobile: 0973 876208
icq: 3069800

  UKNM: State of the Nation, Sam Michel

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