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Subject: UKNM: State of The Nation 2 - Total rant but worth reading.
From: Lee Rickler
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 09:16:16 +0100

>The industry in the US is *still* going bananas and
>the reasons are plain. Companies save money. Customers
>get better service. New types of services are being
>created on a daily basis. Huge amounts of effort are
>being shovelled into the Web because the value is
>so blatantly obvious.

It's obvious why things net-wise are looking a bit lame in Europe.
Too many f***ing cowboys !!
People are fed up with being ripped off and quite frankly don't trust
anything to do with the 'Net.
I've seen tons of crap sites that have cost the clients thousands,
charged by some bedroom firm that spent 10 minutes whacking together a
few pages in Pagemill or FrontRage or some other cack "Web Site Design
Programme" who then did a midnight flit. Rightly so the punters don't
want anything to do with it again.
I recently spoke to a charity that had been charged and, quite stupidly,
paid 1800 pounds upfront for an "Internet Web Site". The firm slopped 5
pages together, whacked this up on a server and then used the money to
set themselves up.
This is disgusting.
I think that it's about time that a body/ federation was set up, oi ...
stop groaning at the back, that would stop this abuse.
I think that this industry needs to kick itself up the arse, stop
thinking about how much money it's gonna make and how little time it's
gonna take to make the money, and start showing it's professional wares.
I mean, there's even a Professional Window Cleaners Federation for god
sake !!!
So why not us ?
Are we too lazy ?
Are we too busy ?
Should Nominet/ Internic be responsable ?
Should firms be charged to join the organisation ?
Should dial-ups and hosting companies start giving guarantees ?

I would therefore like to propose that somebody/ everybody take charge
and organise this industry out of the mistrust and ignorance that we
currently find ourselves in.

I could get the bloke downstairs to build the "Internet Web Site" for it.
He only charges �50.


The red light mesmerises me.

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