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Subject: Re: UKNM: death bells and whistles...
From: justin bovington
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 16:43:57 +0100

>It's obvious why things net-wise are looking a bit lame in Europe.
>Too many f***ing cowboys !!


Can YOU sustain that corporate contract?
How long before it all goes in-house?
wage bill rises._

Its an obvious question, but how do you all see the market splitting in
the next year? Personally, I sold out about three months ago when a
'systems intergration house' offered me a financial package for three
on-going contracts. I take the view that the market is still yet to
mature beyond the image of 'combat trousers' and 'shoreditch'.

In fact I would go so far as saying that the new media industry relies on
'black magic' and 'deception' as a major sales tool - or as it is really
called the F.U.D. factor.

Have we progressed much beyond the 'Artist Engineer' phase in new media?
Does the traditional web house have the expertise and financial backing
to progress beyond pretty graphics and low-end programming?

In my own opinion the next phase relies on a new era of designers and
programmers. The web designers/programmers of today still see themselves
as 'six gun shooters' - strolling into your office with a bit of that and
a bit of this (plus combat trousers). We all know that the financial
sector is paying all the "good" JAVA/Programmers in excess of 50k
salaries. Can we afford these high wage bills, more importantly can our
clients afford these salaries?

Justin Bovington.

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