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Subject: Re: UKNM: Fulfillment hell......
From: Peter Borg
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 17:26:34 +0100

Interesting email address.... strange name you have there :-)

--- temp [dot] mkt [dot] account [dot] matbt [dot] com wrote:
> Has anyone else ordered stuff from HMV online? Talk about terrible
> service.

[Description of downright shoddy service deleted]

Funny you should ask, I just read (yet another) such email from them

I ordered from HMV back in April, as it was the only place online
that listed all the CDs I wanted.

Check out this cut-and-pasted order summary of six cds from their

Date 06-04-2000

total price �78.94

order status Some / all items have been placed on special order
with our suppliers

Guess what? I haven't received anything yet. I've received a lot of
emails saying everything is still on order (yes, all six CDs, one of
which I actually bought from a shop in March but subsequently
scratched - ho hum) and that I won't be charged until they're
dispatched. Hmm.

Then I got an email that contained the following paragraph:

"We are staying in contact with the supplier and once we receive the
items in our fulfilment centre we will ship the items to you
immediately. If an item remains on back order for another 14 days,
you will be contacted by email to confirm that you are still
interested in purchasing these items. You can cancel this order
through the website vis your order status screens."

Guess what? 14 days later (i.e. Sunday 28th May) I got exactly the
same email - do I get the feeling this is so automated nobody
actually pays any attention?

I'm just about to call them, that is if I can find a phone number on
their website (good this ecommerce stuff innit, hardyharhar) and tell
them what I think.... maybe I'll just nip down to Virgin Megastore
and place the order with a Proper Living Person(tm).


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