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Subject: UKNM: Central America
From: Dee Edwards
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 17:13:06 +0000 (GMT)

Interesting happenings.

>A message from Rob Lewis, Chief Executive of Silicon.com.
>I am writing to you today to appeal for a few moments of your time to help
the hundreds of thousands of people growing increasingly desperate for food,
water, medicine and shelter in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
>We at Silicon.com have been impressed by the way the Internet community in
the US have used the Web to raise funds rapidly and respond to the crisis.
>To help in a small way Silicon.com pledges to donate 1.00 (one pound
sterling) for each person who joins our service in the next week.
>So please pass this message on to your colleagues and clients. To result in
a donation, users should enter the site by midnight on Tuesday 24 November.
>Best wishes,
>Rob Lewis
>Chief Executive
>The full terms of this appeal are available on Silicon.com
>If you would like to donate direct please access the official relief
website at
>We have also been asked to pass on a request for a volunteer web designer.
If you can help please contact James McCaul, Executive Secretary of the
Disaster Relief Committee on +44 171 580 6550.

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