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Subject: UKNM: Another major player emerges?
From: Robin Grant
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 15:54:23 +0000 (GMT)

from http://www.ch7europe.com/archive/news/1998/199811/19981124-2.htm

Marketing Online Network Europe opens its first US office

European online campaigns can now be managed
through a single local US contact.

Los Angeles -- Marketing Online Network Europe (Marketing O.N.E.), Europe's
premier network of independent interactive agencies, has announced the
opening of its first US office in Los Angeles, CA.

US based clients can now benefit from the expertise of Marketing O.N.E.'s
eight leading European interactive agencies. US clients will be serviced
directly by the US office, which will provide strategic consulting, project
management and invoicing locally.

Marketing O.N.E.'s interactive agencies include TMS Interactive, U.K;
Alpaga, France; Ayzee, Holland; PopNet, Germany; COM-E, Italy; Arroba
Systems, Spain; USE-IT, Sweden, and Signal Digital, Denmark.

"We intend to provide the same high level of service for our US clients as
the network and its member agencies currently do for the European clients
and US European subsidiaries including France Telecom, BMW, Museo del Prado,
Kimberly Clark and Hewlett Packard", said Eric Gersh, President of Marketing

According to Mr. Gersh, Marketing O.N.E. is ". . . a specialized network for
the European Internet market. We fully expect to work together with US based
interactive agencies in support of their client's European Internet needs
and are in discussions to do just that."

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