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Subject: RE: UKNM: Unsolicited Email
From: Julie Pearce, Marketing
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:02:08 +0100

> Does anyone on the list know whether they can be used in any way, e.g.
> to announce the relaunch of the site, to offer product trials etc.What
> is the legal position, and what is the accepted practice for this.
> The client only operates in the UK and will therefore ignore non UK
> addresses.


This is something that I received in May. I am not sure if this has been
superceded in any way - you could check by contacting the DMA.



THE Electronic Newsletter for Marketing Professionals

in the IT industry ≠ May 20th 1999

The new regulations on telemarketing and faxshotting notionally came into
force across Europe on Monday. And last week the European Parliament debated
Spam. So, what can you do? Well, if youíre in Italy, telemarketing is out
unless you have specific permission to telemarket the person youíre calling.
Unfortunately you canít send them an unsolicited fax if they are a consumer,
a sole trader or a partnership ≠ and this is the case across the rest of
Europe, including the UK. But, and hereís the good news, you can email them.
The European Parliament has decided not to ban spam. Unfortunately most ISP
contracts specifically forbid spam. And even if yours permits it, the
chances are the companies youíre emailing have set up filtering procedures
to eliminate spam ≠ based on the senders email address or the number of
identical mails. In the UK , the DMA has the contract to hold the fax
opt-out and telemarketing opt-out lists. So if you are doing either activity
into a database that may contain sole traders or partnerships you will need
to de-dupe your list against it. And the DMA is proposing fairly steep
charges for access to the list. Our advice? Donít fax, donít email,
snailmail still rules!

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  UKNM: Unsolicited Email, James Downes

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