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Subject: Re: RE: RE: UKNM: online gaming stats?
From: Manou Marzban
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:01:43 GMT


Have heard much about Asheron's Call, infact, only last week we were
discussing it among management here. I have yet to indulge, as my forte is
console games and not online gaming - but thats changing with all the recent
advances. I am very much looking forward to getting a taste of Asheron. I
have a few mates at Microsoft - and they too - have talked much about the
mighty X Box, which I saw first hand at E3. I agree, the X Box will bring
the PC closer to the console than any other platform. I am actually quite
keen to see how Dolphin will do - as it seems more and more developers are
being frustrated by the many coding/programming issues with PS2. Talking
about Asheron, do you recall Active Worlds? They were involved with 3D
virtual world rendering and avatars for some time, and can customise their
engine for as little as $60k for partners. Back to PS2 - early reviews have
been poor...which I find shocking, for I felt the titles were quite
exciting, as was control, wh!
en I messed about with a few titles (Gran Turismo, FIFA 2001, Madden 2001
etc). Interestingly, for as little as 100 you can pick up a dreamcast.
Ugly and boxy, but still 128 bit of pretty nice stuff.

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